BC Horse Angels saves horses from slaughter and neglect. Horses are rehabbed and given safe sanctuary until they can be placed in loving homes. 

We’re also working to end the inhumane slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption, and their live export to slaughter. 

Please join us to help B.C. horses and create a kinder future for all horses in Canada. 


“From beginning to end, the horse slaughter industry is a black mark on Canada.”

Alex Atamanenko
~ British Columbia Member of Parliament (retired) 



The Sunday Edition 






Canada slaughters tens of thousands of horses annually for human consumption, and exports live horses by air to be slaughtered in Japan and South Korea. Horses suffer horrible cruelty, and their meat is tainted with veterinary drugs that are illegal in all other food animals.

“Not only does this raise serious ethical questions, it also jeopardizes Canada’s reputation as a trusted exporter, as lack of regulations and oversight is the norm in this industry.”

~Alexandra Mendes

Member of Parliament

These are horses trained from birth to trust people, as companions, pets, and working animals. Once discarded to slaughter, all regard for their treatment ends.

Others are wild horses, who experience extreme panic in confinement. It’s hard to imagine their terror at the plant, or how it’s even possible for the shooter to get an accurate shot. Horses have been documented shot in the face repeatedly in attempt to render them unconscious.

Slaughter has enabled neglect, led to theft of family pets, and resulted in a glut of surplus horses from unchecked breeding. Slaughter does not discriminate and no horse is safe. 

Most Canadians have no idea Canada slaughters horses for human consumption. 



We take in 50-100 horses per year who are at risk of slaughter. Horses come from auctions, kill pens, neglect cases, owner surrenders and wild horse round ups. Most horses are young, and many are pregnant mares. 

The horses live in a herd on 30 acres, with free choice hay and minerals. Thin or neglected horses are given supplemental feed and within a very short time are completely transformed. 

When horses feel safe and their physical and social needs are met, they blossom. Many arrive feral or unhandled, but in a non-threatening environment they soon learn to trust and enjoy interacting with people. 

All horses are adopted with a no-breeding, no-resale contract, to prevent them from ending up in an auction or kill pen again. 

In 2018, over 60 horses were adopted and over 70 were saved from slaughter. 

Interested in Adopting?


Trouper Goes to Portugal! 

BC Horse Angels outbid the kill buyer at the Kamloops auction and purchased Trouper for $225. He arrived as a feral stallion that liked to charge people. 

He was tamed, gelded, halter trained and adopted to Penny Maria. A few months later Penny moved to Portugal and of course Trouper (now Romeo) went with her!

He might have been a $225 auction throwaway but he was worth a (very expensive!) plane trip because in Penny’s words, “that’s how much I love him.” 

Thanks for giving him a great home, Penny! 
Happy trails in your new country, Trouper.



The best way to help is to become a member for $10/month. To sign up, please see button below.

Donations of any amount are also gratefully accepted by EMT or PayPal to: bchorseangels@gmail.com 

Every contribution goes towards the horses.

Please note: BC Horse Angels is not a registered charity and we apologize that we are unable to issue tax receipts.


“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all livings things, man will not himself find peace.”

Albert Schweitzer



Salmon Arm, BC, Canada


Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

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